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You've come to the right place! Whether you need an application from scratch or your existing codebase updated, we can do it quickly and efficiently.

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Mobile Apps

Carvine Software was founded as a mobile app company. Our core values and coding style reflect the fast-paced iteration required to brave the brutal competition in today’s app market. Through our experiences, Carvine is able to excel in rapid development; efficient, modular codebase architecture; thorough quality assurance; and customer satisfaction. Interested in what we can do? Check out an app we built from scratch: Ursa Hollows.

The bottom line: if you need an app, we can build it.

Desktop Applications

While Carvine first branded itself as a mobile app development company, we have found that we enjoy and excel at developing desktop applications as much as we do mobile apps.

Many of the principals learned from mobile development transfer well to the desktop application building environment. We provide a unique value proposition by bringing newer mobile app concepts to the generally older desktop application coding paradigm.

Custom Solutions

At Carvine, we can code virtually anything you need. While our specialties are in apps and applications, we are still exceptionally capable of delivering any software solution you need. Whether you need a website to accompany your app or a simple script to improve a repetitive task, we can help you out.

Our goal is to provide Silicon Valley quality without the Silicon Valley price.

Why Choose Us?


It is very rare for one person (or even one team) to be the sole manager of a piece of code. Most of the time, code must be maintained, updated, and expanded to meet new demands. Abstraction significantly eases transitions between developers.

Abstraction is, at heart, two things: simplification of the solution and concise, clear documentation. Both parts of abstraction primarily manifest themselves in the planning and architecture-building stages of software development. Reducing the complexity of the solution allows Carvine to gain the highest level view possible while still being able to design around small yet non-trivial problems. This in turn eliminates duplicated code, a problem far more prevalent in software than one might think.

Succinct documentation allows even those who do not understand code to quickly comprehend every part of their application. Abstraction is not just buzzword to Carvine, it is a way of life.


Software development can be compared to building a bicycle. When building a bicycle, there are two methods which one could choose: purchasing raw materials and building from scratch or buying parts and assembling them. Unless you possess many different tools and skills to manipulate raw materials in to the parts you need, odds are that you will buy parts and assemble them; it would be a waste of time to build a part that someone has already designed and produced.

Modularity is just this: quickly assembling a product (whether software or not) from pre-fabricated parts. Generally, a bicycle will have two of the same exact wheels and tires; likewise in software, code is written only once but it can be used many places. A gear set can be removed and replaced if it needs to be faster, much like parts of code can be overhauled to increase performance of the whole. Creating a plug-and-play codebase is a core feature to Carvine’s software development paradigm.

Rapid Development

If there is something we are proud of at Carvine, it is the speed at which we develop software. We believe that our two-man team is the ideal combination of virtually no overhead and intelligent, fast-paced developers. We are equipped to quickly learn any programming language, coding scheme, or business rules required for any project.

Not only do we specialize in learning on the fly, we’re passionate about delving in to topics that are new to us. While haste on a new project is important, one could argue that real-world testing and fast iteration based on end-user feedback is even more valuable.

Carvine’s availability outside of the standard 9-5 hours allows us to respond to feedback as is arises, not when it’s convenient.

Who We Are

Bob Carson
Bob earned an honors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University. He can quickly design a functional, modular architecture for complex software design problems. Bob prides himself in his ability to expeditiously learn new programming languages.
Jimmy Devine
Jimmy graduated Ohio State in three years with an honors diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, minoring in Entrepreneurship. He has a passion for working with small companies and influencing their growth. Jimmy enjoys building user interfaces and working side-by-side with designers.

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